In this video I layered 6 videos of me wiping at the ink at 20% opacity. I was inspired by the layering in Juan Li Carrion’s Building the Neverending Ruin of the World. I like that the focus is on the ritualistic movement of wiping away at the photos and the faces are even more abstracted by the layering. When I was done wiping away at the photos I noticed that some ink had been left on the wall in a square. It felt like I had left something there in that spot.

I was worried that I did not have enough content but I was advised to continue wiping away at photos and collecting more footage. In my next attempt I am not going to completely wipe away the ink from the photo but instead wipe away at the face until I feel like I am done. I think I want to split the screen in half between the layered video on one side and the close ups of me wiping at my face on the other. You’ll be able to see the repeated movement while also seeing close ups of how the solvent reacts with the ink.

As for presentation, I want to include the viewer into the space with me. I plan on doing this by playing the video at eye level next to the photos. This piece was a part of a healing and understanding process for me. I want the viewer to be eye level with my video and see my process.