My Day Till 3:50

My Day Till 3:50


It’s been a sunny day today, The weather is pretty chill and comfortable. Great weather makes an awesome day! I woke up at 9:11, and I went straight to my washroom to do a morning routine for a fresh day. After that, I just wandering in my kitchen and looking for foods. Unfourtunalty there was nothing in my kitchen, so I chose to call “UberEat” for my breakfast. I pic.ed up my food at the front gate after 20 minutes. After breakfast, I kindly feel sleepy (Digest makes people sleepy). I took a nap afterward.

1 hour later…

I just started to clean my self up and rushed to school by taxi (I thought the class started at 3:30 pm). When I arrived and I just realize the class started at ten to four. I went to grasp some food from the “Merci Shop”. And here we go, I am here now, in Room 1102.

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