Field Trip Reflection & Sculpture Sketch

Field Trip Reflection

Considered the density of pedestrians in an initiative, I need to build up a sculpture which has enough space to let people walk around.

At the same time, I want to express the beauty between space and light, I am going to leave enough space in between the cardboard. (Floor to Ceiling)


I like the range between two entrance, the designer used white to expand the space and used many glasses to build up a transparent view. (Especially the Ceiling)

In my opinion, this building is a combination of postmodern sculpture and fish bones.





The Designer used organic shape as the pillar and the frame. It looks like the fish bones.

The designer used the glasses to created many reflections of lights, objects, and people.



And I love the way he used glasses to give people a feeling of tolerance and transparent.

I like the way designer used glass to create a transparent space.

I’ll like to use transparent materials, like acrylic boards.






I got inspire from the tree. The way how it grows.

      This will be the view of the top of the sculpture.




This picture shows the layers of the sculpture.

The sculpture has three floors.






This is the way I am going to do on the cardboard.
I got this idea from the turtle shield.

This can create an arch.





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