Field Trip: Met Breuer / Jack Whitten

Field Trip:  Met Breuer / Jack Whitten

We went to the Met Breuer to see Jack Whitten’s Artwork.

He was an American abstract painter. In 2016, and he was awarded a National Medal of Arts.

There are painting with many textures, like the mosaic.

These are some interesting artwork I found interested in.

What we need to do is to find a piece of artwork, spend time with it and do detail observation.
This is the one I found the most attractive for me: Mirsini’s Doll.




Comparison & Why I chose this artwork:


Different Angles of the Artwork (Sculpture):

Perspectives that changed after I spent time with it:

  1. It is one of the smallest sculpture in this show.
  2. It is one of minimalist style from his works. (But most of his work is really big and full of details, that’s why it stand out from the other sculptures.)

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