Final Design Project Prototype

Waste Bin Education:


Adeline Lee Xiang Yee

Have you ever doubted the kind of items you put in the compost or recycling bin? If your answer is yes, I don’t blame you. This project aims to educate people who are just as confused as you. Waste belongs a part of the wicked problem, and it affects us on a daily basis as it attracts unwanted rodents like rats. An alternation in poster designing could be a step to solving the waste problem at the cafeteria in the UC. Interviews within the New School community have shown that people often do not understand the current infographic on waste management and that the poster could be confusing and complex. This result in confusion which led to them throwing food waste and more into the landfill bin instead of the compost and recycle bins.


My poster aims to solve all of the problems that the students at the New School face, which is waste differentiation. An artistic medium like pop art would be used to represent some of the most common waste or objects used at the cafeteria. This could attract more attention as people would be able to physically visualize the items that should be composted, recycled or thrown. The words of different common objects would also be listed out on the poster to further clarify the waste’s belonging. The simplicity of the poster would also allow students to swiftly understand the system and they do not have to spend time contemplating whether which waste belongs to which bin. This poster would be implemented by putting it right above the different bins at the cafeteria.


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