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The Fold


Close-ups of final:

Myself for scale:

The back of the pages:


“I’m waiting for the paper to speak to me” -me

I decided for this project I really wanted to let the paper speak to me and lead the project. I started with a tiny sketch in my psych notebook of a pop-up forest and then experimented with paper until the narrative of the piece came to me. The experiment lead me to an early version of the last page which gave me the idea of going from nature to a more chaotic state. That chaotic state became a critiue of industrialization and more so the way that factories and such are killing nature. The pages continually developed and changed through the project. I wanted the material to be the center of the project and to really be the most important element, so I tried to always let the materials speak.
I included 3’s by using the 3 pages/spreads to tell my “narrative”, placing shapes in groups of 3’s on the project, and paying attention to the rule of thirds.
If the book were to be mass-produced the various pieces would be scanned and printed. So it would lose the texture of the collage but would be easy to mass-produce.

Work-In Progress:

Inspo artists/ artworks :

  • “Tao Hua Yuan Ji” by Collete Fu
  • “ACU popup book” by James Gulliver Hancock
  • “Residential Erection” by Kenneth Tin-Kin Hing
  • “From Where the Sun Now Stands” by Andreas Johansson

Other research :

I watched a bunch of videos on “The Pop-up Channel” on youtube to figure out different ways to make things pop-up and how to make the book close without crushing the pop-up objects. I also looked through google images for both forest themed and abstract pop-up books (after I made my small mock-up) to work through some of the kinks in my mock-up.

I also spoke to both of my professors about my ideas but I’m not sure that quite fits into research.

Problems I ran into:

  • Managing time with such a large (size wise) project
  • Getting the pages to be the right size and the right thickness (by gluing posterboard together)
  • Slamming my finger in a car door Saturday morning and then waking up sick the next morning
  • Some of the pictures repeatedly refusing to upload to the learning portfolio
  • Page 3 getting stuck together and ripping up the acrylic paint so that I had to rework the base layer before I could move on
  • Trying to take pictures of such a large book, especially since it pops up
  • Glue sticking to the paper after I used crayon on it

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