B4 Proposal

Studio: Final Project Proposal

Amal Flower Kay

Prof. Sara Jimenez



My prototyping process has been hard because I have been fairly confident since the beginning in terms of the project I wanted to do. I tried to branch out and create other prototypes, which will definitely feed into my final version, but overall my general idea remains the same. Overall, I most enjoyed creating the first physical prototype in the makeathon as it gave me a really nice tactile feel of what I want to make. My project will still revolve around themes of:


  • Breaking barriers of anonymity
  • Public engagement
  • Better utilization of public space
  • Discomfort and growth


The feedback I received on my prototypes was hard to work with, as most of it was just positive affirmation. In retrospect, I wish I had presented my prototype to the group for critique, as it might have given me more ideas on how to better round out my idea. The development process has definitely been one of the hardest parts of this process, in terms of trying new things and pushing myself. I would like to do a little more research on artists or designers who have worked with public space and engagement, as I think there are more creative or intriguing ways for me to present my piece than what I have conceived right now. I also am doing research into international public spaces and how they differ from those in the US for my Seminar writing work.
For final critiques, I will most likely present a digital rendering of the installation piece in addition to presenting final materials for the prompts that I would include in the installation. My initial site idea was Washington Square Park, but I’d be interested in other public spaces as well, such as along the Hudson or East river piers. A lot of my interest lies in taking existing public space and improving upon it so it can actually connect people.


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