Bridge 3


Language can be multiple symbols that relate to our society, such as poem, artwork, speech or a novel. However, language can hide the truth by a person or an organization which led to people misunderstand or difficult to determine which side of the truth.


Examples of Artists/ Designer and inspiration:

Siah Armajani: Bridge Over Tree

Johnson Tsang: Lucid Dream II_Lawful Custody

Danielle Clough: Fence Darning

Ai Weiwei: Sunflower seed

Related image

Matthew Mazzotta: Cloud House

Kate Gilmore: Rumsey house art prize

Related image

Diana Shpungin: Drawing of House



  • Wood
  • Black Ink (word)
  • Transform paper with an image (history)
  • light (Interior, reflection to the image)


(Union Sq)

What will you be making for your Bri 4 project :

The bridge 4 projects will be use wood to build a mini house. The exterior of the house will fill with mutiple text over and over by black ink. In addition, the few windows and door will cover by the wood stick. The rest window will have images and it has a reflection on it.

Mood Board:


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