Bridge 4

My name is Amy, my major on Architectural Design, and I’m from China. In the seminar class, my research topic is how does language deceive us? When I deeply making a research about the truth vs. language. I find out that language can symbol multiple media such as literature ( poem, novel, speech, etc.) and artwork (painting, sculpture, video, performing, etc.).

( Johnson Tsang,

Lucid Dream II_Lawful Custody)

(Diana Shpugin, Drawing of house)

(Fearson Fable, Tolerable Truth, 2013)

(Kate Gilmore, Rumsey house art prize)

The artist statement:

language is something that we are close to. We use language all the time: in school, in society, and to refer to other cultures. But it can be easy to change the meaning of language. That can be done by one person or one organization, and they can thus affect the original meaning of truth in the world. Language can represent a peaceful landscape painting or a lovely and romantic poem. However, you will not see or understand how this piece of work changes multiple times through interaction with others before providing the final vision of the work to you.


Language is a house. It is the symbol of the soul, so through the imagined house, you understand your current state of mind and your own part. The house can represent a family that it also can represent a member of the community. A dilapidated and full-fledged house represents the voice of the people that hide back of the bright surface. The voice is control by the government and society which let too many people misunderstand the real truth in life. In this house, there are different pictures outside the window in different eras and to tell the same truth. This means that we are anxious and avoid real thoughts. In addition, the reflection of the images are exceeded by the light in the house, it shows that the house is authentic in society. This monument points out that people can’t misunderstand the real truth, however, the way to explore the truth is to follow yourself and believe self the choice that you decide. The language can symbol as many different meaning by a different technique. Different fonts and words are displayed in the shell of the house. It can be easy to transport the meaning of the text from one person to others, but it also can be destroyed simply by a person or a group of people. The way language provides creativity in a sense of truth in reality and lets people understand or determine the fake and real meaning of the fact.


In this project, the material that I use is wood, black ink, and transparent paper. Wood is for the house, black ink is text that exterior of the house, few windows has an image, however, it can not see very clear when the light is on in the house.

Due to the time is limited, the wood house is a mini vision of my project. In the future of these pieces with being a  storage house with a door and multiple windows, each viewer or volunteer can write a sentence or anything that what is the meaning of truth. However, this project is an installation artwork piece that needs to interact with people and engage with people in our community.



Bridge 3


Language can be multiple symbols that relate to our society, such as poem, artwork, speech or a novel. However, language can hide the truth by a person or an organization which led to people misunderstand or difficult to determine which side of the truth.


Examples of Artists/ Designer and inspiration:

Siah Armajani: Bridge Over Tree

Johnson Tsang: Lucid Dream II_Lawful Custody

Danielle Clough: Fence Darning

Ai Weiwei: Sunflower seed

Related image

Matthew Mazzotta: Cloud House

Kate Gilmore: Rumsey house art prize

Related image

Diana Shpungin: Drawing of House



  • Wood
  • Black Ink (word)
  • Transform paper with an image (history)
  • light (Interior, reflection to the image)


(Union Sq)

What will you be making for your Bri 4 project :

The bridge 4 projects will be use wood to build a mini house. The exterior of the house will fill with mutiple text over and over by black ink. In addition, the few windows and door will cover by the wood stick. The rest window will have images and it has a reflection on it.

Mood Board:


Bridge 2

Aggregation 17-SE078,2017, Kwang Young Chun

This artwork gives me inspiration for my bridge 2 project and research question of this semester. For example, the pieces wrapped in paper are basic units of information, as well as a symbol in an individual social event or historical facts. By attaching these pieces one by one to a two-dimensional surface. The artwork expresses the information in a sense of harmony and conflict. My idea of bridge 2 and research question are How does language deceive us? The information on the paper similar as give a speech reveal the truth to people, it can be a historical or social event that happens right now. This show how the truth that creates in different method about the world or society.

Idea:  In order to relate to my artwork that I choose at the Brooklyn Museum, the artist uses paper to wrapped into multiple geometric shapes and each paper has some of the information that relates to historical facts (newspaper). Therefore, I use newspaper, block, and an unusable white t-shirt to design my second bridge project to informal to my research question in this semester. I cut the block to multiple geometric shapes and wrapped with newspaper and print out some of the historical images to transfer the image to the T-shirt. This lets the audience to deeply think about the theme of truth.

1st sketch of 2nd Bridge

2nd sketch of 2nd Bridge

3rd Sketch of 2nd bridge (Final)


Starting cut the block and wrapped newspaper on it.

Attach the final block (newspaper) on the T-shirt.

I test three different way to transfer the image to the fabric. First, rubbing alcohol with a cotton ball, can’t work. Second, iron the image on the fabric, can’t work. Lastly, use mod podge glue on the image and attach to fabric, work! however, this needs to try 24 hours. I use hair dryer let this dry fast, then I use a sponge with water to wrapped on the image and remove the paper on the T-shirt. In case it will remove off, I brush mod podge one more time.

Almost done! It looks so formal and different have any emotion relate to some research that I have done in Seminar class. So I go back to see any note that I made in the Seminar class. I found out that the truth mostly influences to the poor due to the poor didn’t have any education and they like to listen to what other’s said.


Cut down some of the pieces on the T-shirt make it more related to the poor.

More image ( detail of image):

Why I didn’t take an image on a clean background rather than outside? The idea of my project is to expose reality and how people live in daily, it reflects on the truth that they see and hear from others. Moreover, the image color that I want to use is black and white because any historical images are black and white color, it represents the time period in society. The text also is black and white referring to the story that they hear and see.

Bridge 1: Building a Loom and Weaving a Poem

This project challenging for me since I didn’t have any experience of using the loom. In the first, I’m confused about how to connect the yarn into the loom. I remember when the professor doing the demo, she ties the yarn to a string on the loom. However, I’m not know how to continue the pattern, because the beginning of the yarn was being tied. I try a different way to make the yarn work. The last method that I use is to cut the yarn into half and tie it to a string on the loom. The loom needs to have a pattern such as back and front which makes the yarn be tied on the loom.

The material that I decide to use on my project is paper and yarn. The poem that I made in the seminar class is an idea about freedom of speech. In the poem, I use some physical things such as a book, tree, mountain, snow, water, paper, rifle, plane, and bomb. The final decision of this project is use paper,  because of the paper maintain words which symbol as information about the truth and right for the speech. In addition, I use yarn to point out the detail of the whole paper, it similar to a magnifier.


Word to Word

A beautiful thing, a terrible thing.


Read a book; and write, write;

Who is questioning the truth, truth.


Escarpment, environment, erosion,

The tree is burning,

The mountain is falling,

Who knows it happens.


Snow composed of words,

Ice composed of papers,

Paper, paper, paper

Hide the truth behind.


High commander, Big Brother,

A demeanor, and formidable man,

Kid clamor with honor on it.

Big Brother, Big Brother;

War is peace,

Freedom is slavery,

Ignorance is strength;

We have utopia life!


Rifle, plane, bomb;

Victims, soldiers;

Morning September 11.

Big Brother creating a song of Peace,

On the first half of twenty century.


Stand up,

Big Brother reproaches you.

Keep secret,

Life will be in peace.