So far in this semester I feel that my writing abilities have improved. I think I am able to organize my ideas successfully and make my essay flow together. The exercises we have done in class have allowed me to think outside of the box and be able to create more interesting sentences. My use of imagery has improved due to what we have practiced in class as well from being able to hear what my classmates come up with. Both of these allow me to learn and explore new ideas on how I can write and improve my own essays.

   Proof of my improvement since the beginning of the semester can be seen in my last essay, it had a significant amount of improvement with my grammar. I payed more attention when writing and tried to write slower to avoid making a mistake. I have always struggled in having proper grammar and avoiding simple mistakes. As well, I believe that what I learned in High School from having taken AP courses in english has helped me write essays that have a good format. I still need to pay more attention to what I am writing to make sure that it makes sense.

In order to continue to improve my writing, I think I need to continue to explore new ways to write and explore more uses of imagery. Also, what we do in class will help me grow my skills and perfect my essays.

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