Bridge 4

For my final Bridge 4 project I focus on the idea of the repetiveness, and the overall habit of collecting transforming it into a visual progression. The way the piece goes shows how a collectors views the items in that he has collected and their importance is determined by the size and color. In the […]

Alter Persona Cam captures the things that we see everyday but don’t have the time/resources to photograph them. Her eyes are the lenses and her mind is the storage. Through this page, we see the images Cam has captured, and the tings that inspire her.

Peer 2 Peer Gift

My partner, Shelby, truly demonstrated her love for dinousaurs and things such as animations. On the day of the interview, her hair was the color blue, so that color was very reminent while i created the gift for her. The final gift consisted of a picture in a frame with blue lights around it. The […]

Ritual Project

For the Ritual project, I mainly focused on the sound aspect of the performance. In many tribes, as well as rituals, drums create vibration, which is normally related to healing, and health. For our project i decided that the drumming and humming in the backgrounds music would directly relate to the heart. The drums being […]

Imagine World Mural

As a theme throughout most of my art projects in this class, I’ve chosen to incorporate nature, especially growing flowers. For my imaginary¬†world, I decided to create a floating land of flowers and all things positive. I used mainly warm colors¬†but still incorporated cool colors in a subtle way. In the “foreground” of my drawing […]

The Snake Mask

Mask Project: The Snake   Growing up in in Florida as a young girl, park adventures or a walk near the mangroves always meant running into a reptile. From a young age, I created a fear of reptiles due to the countless encounters I had with snakes, specifically. The one time I came the closest […]