Sustainability and the Designer: Naziha Mestaoui

Protecting forests is essential to supporting a healthy environment: trees are one of the solutions to fighting the greenhouse effect, saving clean water, and providing a habitat for wildlife.”

Mestaoui receives a face painting from an indigenous woman (Retrieved from:

Who: Naziha Mestaoui

Born: Brussels, Belgium

Lives in: Paris, France

Media Used: Digital art, virtual reality, light installation, and real-time 3D video mapping

Best Known Work: “1 Heart 1 Tree”

Inspiration: Aboriginal peoples of the Amazon, Oman, and India; symbolism behind the tree

Depiction of “1 Heart 1 Tree” (Retrieved from:


How “1 Heart 1 Tree” works (Retrieved from:



  1. “1 Heart 1 Tree”
  2. “Live Oak Tree of Life”
  3. “1 Tree 1 Planet”
  4. “1 Beat 1 Tree”


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