Noticing Urban Complexities

Cooperation vs. Gentrification: Bed Stuy Strives to Stay Local   This video introduced me to the idea of a cooperative organization as a business model. Gentrification is a rising problem in New York City, especially Brooklyn, but this video offers a solution that involves the current residents to combat high living costs. When residents are […]

Browsing for Visual References

  Int. Studio 3/14/18   In this collection of images, I chose design elements I was interested in currently and interested in exploring further for my final project. I took a picture of this book cover because I am interested in cartography and the design elements associated with mapping a physical terrain. Heavily inspired by […]

Material Investigation: Omission

I’m studying how Hurricane Sandy affected the people of Red Hook in order to find out what the inhabitants of Red Hook consider “home” so that my reader better understands the community of Red Hook. How do people build a “home” for themselves after tragedy or displacement? How can natural disasters affect social infrastructure and […]

Bridge 2 Response

  Through the many trips of my ethnographic research of Red Hook, I became increasingly more interested in the communities that coexist in Red Hook, and how these communities function as part of a complex system. Initially, I was interested in Red Hook’s maritime history and its location as a pier neighborhood, due to my first […]