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In the costume design process, not only the sense of form is emphasized, but also the ways of combining human body and fabric, the possibilities of structure and material, and the infusion of a certain conceptual expression into the design. The costume can express the person’s identity and personality. 

Main idea:

In this project, choosing the fabric is the first step to making this wearable project. My idea is to make a veil mask. Because the mask usually can cover your surface and to express the real personality. The real person I want to be.



After visiting the David Bowie exhibition, his strange and showy dress and stage style influenced not only the entire fashion world but also instilled new ideas into this society. He worked with many fashion designer made those meaningful costume for him. The shape and the style are the most important for the design of clothes. His strong personality all reflected on his cloth. Everyone wants to be like him, be brave and creative.




 I choose the red veil. The color usually is positive and passionate. This is what is missing from my character. When I ask my friends which color should I choose to identify my personality, they all side pink, purple…something really girly. But I want to make huge contrast and be unique so I chose red and black. This material also has a feeling of transparent.


I used shapeable material shaped my face, it means this is the original myself. Sometimes I want to show another side of me, I will hide the essential of my personality. But I want to be my self, be confident and strong. The concept also means I know my self so much, the surface of things also my personality sometimes banned me.

This mask spread over two parts. The different and real me. I always do not know how to decide very hesitated. Also sometimes cover up my own emotion. The unequal mask represents my hesitated personality. On the black side the tear and eye express I really want to show my real emotion when I deal with things.

The unequal design which means my versatility. The crown makes me feel confident. The mask covers up my weakness. The definition of the mask normally worn on the face, typically for protection, disguise, performance, or entertainment. This mask covering my inadequacies, it is my protection and also represents my true thoughts.

 Photograph inspiration:

I choose the photograph in the MOMA wich from photographer Aida Muluneh. Her concept is super-imposing of photos to “double” the self.



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