Central Park: Post cards, Mapping

During our class trip to Central Park, I was able to notice specific behaviors that I had not previously focused on. My attention was always drawn to the “life” within the park. I saw hundreds of people and animals of all different cultures and environments and studied how they interacted with “nature”. Central park is a massive collection of trees, paths, reservoirs, and fields, that were strategically designed by humans for the purpose of obtaining “nature” within a cosmopolitan city. When I began observing, I noticed how city/modern cultured seeped into the greenery and simplicity of the park. I even noticed a visible difference in the way animals interacted with humans within the park. Squirrels and Turtles went as far as to touch and eat food out of tourists hands. That is something that would not be seen in the “real” wilderness or even in a suburb.

Fear Interpretation

When beginning this assignment I wanted to create a visual representation of the fear of being followed. My partner, Erin, told me that she is petrified of someone watching her, without her knowing. I chose to depict a silhouette styled portrait of two people. I left some features out so that the viewer could interpret the idea of anonymity. Living in New York, this fear has become more of a reality for Erin, and I wanted to show a real human face in my visual. Seeing human features can attach emotional meaning when looking at any kind of art. I wanted the viewer to consider who was watching who, in this work. I think it can be taken differently among different people with diverse fears.

work process: