Bridge 2: Gender Exploration

The film I chose to watch was The Danish Girl, a film directed by Tom Hooper. Though there were many striking scenes in the movie I find three to be the most impactful. The three scenes include the discovery that Einar had ovaries, Greta and Carlisle were willing to help Einar, and that Lili contracted an infection from the surgery to implant a uterus. The first scene I listed was striking because I think the discovery of the ovaries acted as a confirmation of everything Einar was feeling. The second scene I listed stuck out to me because I was genuinely surprised that Greta and Carlisle were willing to help Einar in such a non-progressive era. It truly makes me wonder if they contemplated the possible persecution that could result from such an effort. Lastly, the infection Lili contracts from the uterus implantation surgery; was the desire to be a woman on the inside really worth the irreversible outcome? Lili felt it so necessary that the possibility/ side effects did not deter her even after her friends warn her. From the film I have learned just how much people fight to be who they really want to be.

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