The True Cost

1.Workplace safety 
The workers in the various factories portrayed in the film specifically, Rana Plaza have seemingly no protection when it comes to ensuring the safety of the buildings in which they must work. This violation of basic human rights speaks to the level manufacturers and fast fashion companies alike hold money superior to human lives.

6.Wage equity

The protesters in the film are treated like criminals for doing absolutely nothing wrong. They are beaten and shot after for nothing more than wanting a monthly salary of a little more than one hundred US dollars.

2&3.Environmental pollution
The demand for cheap leather by fast fashion companies has produced an environmental epidemic. Increasing rates of pollution have contaminated natural resources such as soil and water. The pollution is so great that it is unclear if there will ever be a way to reverse all the harm that has been done and continues to be done.

4.Health issues
Harmful chemicals created by the prevalence of fast fashion in third world countries have to lead to numerous health issues. Attacking the skin and organs these pollutants have single-handedly led to an epidemic claiming the lives of hundreds if not thousands of innocent men, women, and children.

As a result of the people protesting for what they more than rightfully deserve. Senseless murders take place as a result of the militaries a to gain control of the “out of control” protesters.

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