Time:Frame 3 Photo Series

Long Exposure:
I had trouble capturing long exposure photograph because i was not getting the camera setting right. Initially I tried with 30 second shutter speed and f/4 maybe ISO 200 and so on. It would just capture a white frame. So I went online and did some research on capturing the long exposure with manual settings. I couldn’t get it right in the daylight but taking long exposure photos at night was easier. I finally went with ISO 100 F/14 and 20″. I took around 10 shots with different settings of the same traffic signal until I got the visible movement in the photograph. Time is visibly stretched out on a tangent in this setting, that was interesting to witness.

Subject Continuation:
Subject continuation was fun to plan.There were many possibilities. A story that starts with a photograph and the viewer completes it in their head. For this one I went to the making centre and was just taking pictures of work in progress. I finally settled with the automatic drill because once it has been switched on it will drill through the object. If you stop the machine the drill takes 30 seconds to stop. That action was inevitable hence I went with that for my subject continuation. The shutter speed on this one was fast around 1/1000, ISO was 100 aperture was around 2 because it was a dark room comparatively.

Frozen Moment:
I took a few pictures of wood carving in the wood shop. I think I should have gone with something that cannot be perceived by human naked eye like a water droplet or snow flakes. For this one I has the same settings as the subject continuation.

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