Space and Materiality Assignment #3- Drawing with 3D materials

This assignment challenged us to create 3 of the same portrait using 3 different materials: yarn, cardboard, and metal wire..

First, I made an outline of my portrait on 8×11 tracing paper to create a template for my 3 portraits. I drew the first portrait on cardboard and outlined it with blue yarn and attached the yarn by sewing. I found this more challenging to complete out of my other two portraits because I had to attach it onto the cardboard without using glue or other adhesives. Then used cardboard to outline my second drawing and created a 3D portrait using entirely cardboard. Lastly, I used flexible wire to create my third portrait. I had to continuously bend and twist the wire to form the desired shape and connect the parts of the face.

While completing this assignment,  I learned how to work with each material and more about the styles and different forms you can create using them. Overall, this helped me grow a better understanding of how different textures and mediums can take one drawing into 3D.


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