Time Collage: In God We Trust

 My piece represents time in a very conceptual way. When I think of time, I think of it being part of our everyday rituals and cycles that involve our daily schedules, alarms, and the most obvious forms of the representation of time. However, I also question all the time if time is a manmade concept that Einstein just came up with or was it created by a higher power? Also, it is my commentary on how today’s society is so engulfed in this consumerist and materialistic society that feeds off of useless celeb gossip and eurocentric beauty. My piece conceptualizes this idea by going off of the artist Marco Brambilla’s theme of our civilization in purgatory. I started off by using the idea of there being a past, present, and future, which is somehow divided into these sections. Furthermore, I desired to blur the lines between them and make the collage busy and complex on purpose so the audience would have to think where the definitive lines of the past, present, and future are in our lives. I incorporated pieces of a receipt, a cut up HIV prevention gum, and pictures of two couples to represent the “present”. I found them thrown out from the apartment above onto the sidewalk while I was walking back to my dorm. I wanted to incorporate these pieces because it represents the spontaneity of time, or things that happen “in the spur of the moment”. I then wanted to represent the past through old pictures of my family at the bottom. The future was hard to put into words so I made it look like a bunch of socialites and fashion models to represent that idea of being at the top of society or the most “advanced” in our future society. The colors represent heaven and hell to put in implications of there being that religious view that I also have on time, which was created by God or a higher power influencing the flow of time.

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