Finished “Personal Space” Garment

My vision for this garment changed slightly throughout the process. In the beginning, there were many things I wanted to include, such as a lantern hat, porcupine shoulder pads, and Chinatown shawl.

When using all of these components together, any meaning I had intended to portray through my garment was lost. There was too much going on, and nothing really felt cohesive. To combat this glaring issue, I observed my garment without the shawl. Although I was bummed to lose the juxtaposition of the delicate shawl and the threatening needles, the overall look made so much more sense. It portrayed aggression through aposematism and a real “don’t mess with me” vibe.

Once I was satisfied with the look I was going for, I decided to play it up, even more, using a porcupine-like belt.

With this addition, my garment finally felt complete.

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