Figure/Ground Relationship

Figure Ground Relationship

– The figure ground relationship is a type of grouping that is necessary for recognizing objects visually. The figure is typically the subject of the image and is usually presented on a lighter background. The figure is also known as the positive shape while the background represents the negative shape.

Newspaper Collage

For this assignment we were tasked to create a figure out of text from newspapers. I decided to try and create the likeness of Grace Jones. As I was putting the collage together I realized that it was going to much more difficult than I had originally thought it would. The image I created is similar to a likeness of her but it’s hard to make out some features.

Signs and Wonders Sketchbook

For this assignment we were asked to come up with a list of visual metaphors and then sketch out five of them. The ones that I have here are Demon-Rat Democrats, Trump Baby Balloon, Cross, Crown of Thorns and Big Apple.

Positive/Negative Illustrator Pieces

– Ambiguous

For this piece I was trying to represent “Demon-Rat Democrats.” During our critique in class most people said that it looked like a cat which I can see. I wanted the face to look somewhat human like so that it would have a somewhat creepy air to it.

– Black on White

This piece was not an idea that I sketched in my notebook but it was in my original list of visual metaphors. I choose to do a rabbit because they represent fertility in some cultures.

-White on Black

This piece was supposed to represent “Big Apple.” Although this piece is the most simple out of all of them I found this one to be the most difficult because of all of the straight lines, most of the lines aren’t even straight actually. It was also difficult to get it to look like the New York skyline, so thins is more of a non-decrypt version.

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