Bridge 3: DAI – Group B


  • What was the story plot? (1 paragraph) – The characters were pen pals who all met at Grand Central for the first time.
  • Who were the Characters? – Franclin, Dayton and Nitlin
  • Using your senses – what did you notice? (at least 4 noticings) – There were 3 figures representing the characters. There were pictures of grand central on the wall. They played sounds of grand central. There were more chatter artifacts on the ground forming a hopscotch board.
  • How was Grand Central introduced into the piece? – In the installation they had pictures of Grand Central on the wall. They also had train tickets on the ground.
  • What Character Artifacts were present? – Each had a figure representing the character. Each also had a ticket on the ground.
    • What did you notice about them? – The figures were interactive. You could take a pic inside of one, you could look through another, and you could make sound on the one with tinfoil.
  • What cultural or character perspectives were represented? – Each had a perspective of how they got to grand central.
    • How? – Through the characters themselves and tickets on the ground, saying were they were coming from.
  • What was the space used for the installation? – This group chose a space overlooking 5th Ave on the second floor.
    • How did the team utilize the space? – The space was narrow so they had to space out their installation so we could interact with it.


  • What relationship did you Notice between the elements and principles of design? – This team did a good job of stimulating multiple senses that made you interact with the space differently.


  • What does the work express? How does it do that? – It expresses each characters journey to Grand Central.
  • What connections do you make (to life, art, learning)? – Grand Central is an obvious one.
  • What questions do you have for the Artists? – Why did you choose to make your character the size that it is?

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