Drawing and Imaging: Final Project

Cathedral of St. John the Divine

I choose this location because I had previously visited it an thought that it was very beautiful. The I visited it again to shoot pictures off it for this project I was really trying to pay attention to the details because there is so much within the details, and they’re literally everywhere in the ornate framework of the church.


This is the only initial sketch that I made for this project, my final project is very similar to it with small differences. I wanted to create something that highlighted the small details of the cathedral because I think that’s where all of the beauty is.


I wanted the church to be a vital part of the image without it seeming like it was over powering, which is why I decided to just have the outline of it. It serves as the background for the details and information I wanted to provide.

Final Image


My goals for this piece were to create an image that was visually pleasing that also provided information about the church. I think that I achieved this goal in a really nice way. I think that the combination of the elements is very pleasing and informative.

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