Assignment #11: Technical Drawings

Assignment #11: Technical Drawings

For Assignment #11 we were first asked to complete a worksheet where we matched isometric drawings to orthographic drawings of the same objects. Then we created orthographic projections based off of the isometric drawings of 3 objects.

After this, I made a 3D models of the objects out of foam core and pins.

Overall, I felt that it was helpful to do the technical drawings of the 3 objects. It gave me much more practice in doing technical drawings and I feel like I now have a much better understanding of them. The worksheet helped with this too. The 3D models of the objects were also useful to understand how to turn a technical drawing into a 3D form. For example, each piece may be labeled to be a certain size in the drawing, but when you use a thicker material you have to take that into account when you form the model so that it is the correct size. If I were to make the 3D models again, I would find pins with flats ends. However, I the art store was sold out of plain pins so I ended up having to use decorative pins that I felt distracted from the model.

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