Core Seminar Final

For my piece, I took inspiration from Steyerl’s In Free Fall.  When reading her article there was something that really stuck out to me and felt very relevant with the current state of the world. Steyerl described the sensation of falling as one that is relative.  The feeling comes not from what is happening with us but with what is happening around us.  When we fall, we know we are falling because everything around us is still.  However, if everything around you is moving at the exact same speed as you, you will feel still.  When thinking of what to make for my studio project, at first I did not want to make something related to coronavirus, however, as I continued to think I found that hard, as everything seems to be revolving around it right now.  I have been using this time to paint and create more, and have found that the current events have had an effect on how I create, as my mindset has changed.  There are times when it is hard for me to grasp the gravity of this issue as it is so much bigger than anything I have experienced in my lifetime, and comprehending that can be challenging.  I also have been quarantining alone, so I have been spending a lot of time with myself, which opens the doors for a lot of self reflection.  I created this moving image of my bed, with multiple layers that become more chaotic as a reflection of my mindset and fears that I have been processing each day.

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