LP Post 4

Throughout this course, I have begun to consider fashion from a more worldly perspective.  I think, at the start of this course, I had somewhat of a narrow understanding of fashion, and looked at it from the perspective of a metropolis.  Now, as we have learned through various topics, I understand and appreciate more of how fashion is integrated so thoroughly into everyday life, and how vast it can be.  A point that was brought up many times during our recitation class was the idea that being in New York City is like being in a bubble, in terms of the fashion industry, and it is important for us to remind ourselves to think on a broader perspective, in order to truly serve the industry in a productive way.  I think this message first stuck out to me when learning about the value of intersectionality and representation of such, within the industry.  Fashion is a valuable tool to society, that not only serves and fulfills a utilitarian purpose but also plays a huge role in how we define culture throughout history and through various identities.  Stamper tells of the importance of integrating intersectionality into history and fashion when saying, “It was a useful word, one that provided a framework for discussing broader patterns of oppression, power, discrimination “  It is vital, when designing and reimagining fashion, to consider your audience and how your work will serve that community.  Intersectionality is vital to fashion because it points out the obvious, which is that, more often than not, these various sects of culture overlap one another, and are not mutually exclusive.  As I have continued to study fashion, I have become less interested in the more glamorous side of the industry, and more interested in how it can be improved.  I am particularly interested in sustainability, and learning how the industry can be changed from the inside, to better serve its community.  I think fashion is something that never stops evolving and is often a direct reflection of society, thus defining certain moments in history.  I think it is the job of those involved in the industry to make sure that the changes are positive, and that we are doing the work to ensure that fashion continues to be the outlet it always has been.

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