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Kwak Helen Final Time Hill lowres 07 from Helen Kwak on Vimeo.


The seventh project was the final of a two-step process. We began with a space of our choosing and with the help of audio and video, we were set out to create our own representation of the space. The area I decided on was the street, specifically 14th street – a busy two way lane bustling at every moment of the day.

From the get go, I knew I wanted my space to tell a story. I created a timeline of events in my head and sought out to find the perfect audio that would tell the right tale. From listening to the audio and watching the video, the blooming story of a young girl talking a walk on the street is prominent. It begins with the girl waiting for the light to change so she’s able to safely cross the street. Of course, nothing is ever as it seems and the ending implies an accident of some sort.

As the audio came along, I realized I wanted the video to give a “calm before the storm” feel. The slow moving signals and wait time give a sense of serenity as if nothing horrible was ever going to happen. As the audio goes along and more sounds began getting layered, I got a feeling of distraction and disconnect from the world. I took the distraction and made it into destruction. The audio gets louder as the visuals become more and more hectic. The frantic video was a parallel representation of what was going on in the girl’s head as she crosses the street at a time which she was not supposed to.

Overall, I believe this project was a success. Working with Audition and Premiere was an absolutely new experience for me so I believe I did well despite the fact that I had no prior knowledge of the utilized applications. Majority of the process was trial and error but I did not mind that at all. I appreciated this project because it made me go out of my comfort zone and ultimately create something I am beyond content with.


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