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Part 1: Galerie Vivienne

For Galerie Vivienne, I depicted the door numbers of each store in a map of where they are located, because the numbers were what stood out to me when I first looked at them. I really liked the cursive font of the numbers and how the numbers were displayed in various ways. I also added in a key to separate the odd, even and missing numbers.


Part 2: Home to Paris | “How you got to this moment”

For the Home to Paris map, I wanted to express a more personal perspective of my journey, so I drew pictures that I took of the streets in Paris and Thailand. The compass in the middle of the Paris street drawing symbolizes where the main attractions are to represent something similar to a map, however, the compass in the drawing of the Thai streets is more personal to me as it includes places I have been to and my physical house.


Part 3: Belleville

For Belleville, I wanted to express the calming atmosphere the park gave off when I walked around it. I also noticed that there was a constant sound of bubbling water that sounded like a lullaby, so I recorded the sound of the bubbling water and used it as an underlay for the background music. For the video element, I filmed the different surfaces and views in the park that stood out to me the most.


Part 4: Map of Habits


For the habits map, I decided to choose ‘Overthinking’ as my habit, as it is something I do frequently. I compiled all of the questions and things that I have said to myself before on a blank page, and then to represent the words being from someone’s mind, I placed the words around an outline of a person in the center. I then added an audio element, so that the audience can feel as if the voices are within their heads, whilst a buzzing sound increases in scale in the background.

This piece is more of a performance piece as the audience can interact with the video by standing within the outline of the person, with speakers facing them, allowing them to experience what I feel.


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