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Mycelium Project:

For this project, I worked in a group with Araz, Allegra and Chu Chu.

In the beginning of the project, we shared ideas of the most efficient structure for the mycelium planter.

We were inspired by the shape of egg cartons, where there were six dents that held the eggs. The dents would act as the pot for the soil.

We then created sketches and a 3D prototype of what the planter would look like:


We then began to fill 6×3 egg cartons with the mycelium:

However, after we got back to the mycelium after a week, most of our cartons were moulding due to contamination, so we decided to pick up what was left untouched by the mould, and let them air dry, so that we could create a new shape with the pieces.

In the end, we decided to let the Facteur Graine rooftop garden use the pieces as compost instead of a planter.


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