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Artist Research Book:


The direction that my project is going in after the bridge critique hasn’t changed, but the form of the physical sculpture has been added to. For instance, I will be adding the bust from the shoulders upwards, and hands that symbolise resistance or vulnerability, depending on how you look at it.


References Given in Critique:


Bertrand Planes

Featureless art, where objects are painted white.

Abstract projection on surfaces – plays with how light bends around surfaces.

Experimental works.


Cindy Sherman

Idea of identity – real vs. false.

Identifying alien-like looks due to social clichés.


Previous Timeline:

Revised Timeline:

 Thursday 4th April – begin sculpting head part of sculpture

Saturday 6th April – Sunday 7th April – start hands, then finish both head and hands of sculpture

Monday 8th April, Wednesday 10th April – Thursday 11th April – start animation of features and finish by thursday

Saturday 13th April – Sunday 14th April – experiment with sounds and what type of theme the supporting music will follow

Wednesday 17th April – Thursday 18th April – work on projection mapping of the animation with borrowed mini projector, and find out which way is the best to present

Saturday 27th April, Monday 29th April – purchase flowers needed for presentation



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