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For this project, we had to create an ephemeral installation, ephemeral meaning non-lasting.

So we experimented with ice to see what shapes it can form into, and how objects affect it when they are frozen inside of the ice.

Below are pictures of experimentation:

My group: Araz, Arya, Maddie and I, were honoured to be able to work at the Palais du Tokyo workshop with Grace Pappas, who is one of the Aerocene participants.

For our installation, we focused on humans as the key accelerator to global warming. We carved out abstract humans from wax candles to represent the general population and humanity as a whole.

To symbolize earth, we used a balloon as the mold for the spherical shape, and added flowers, leaves and blue dye to represent nature and living things. We also used a fish net-like structure to suspend the ball of ice into the air; this resembled the lines of latitude and longitude of the earth, or another major environmental problem, which is overfishing.

The point that we were trying to convey through this installation was that when we worsen and accelerate the speed at which global warming is already happening, we get the bad end of the consequences, as the ice melts onto the human figures and distinguishes the fire of the candles, symbolizing the polar ice caps melting, and the higher water levels flooding us.


Project Video:

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