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This Suit…

Why do I ALWAYS have to be dressed up?! My dad isn’t in this funny uncomfortable suit like I have to be. He could at least be carrying me…. It’s bad enough he let me get this bowl haircut and now he put me in his suit. Why can’t I just be wearing my favorite blue striped shirt and my favorite brown shorts with the marker stain on the bottom left with my light up power ranger sneakers? I can’t wait to be able to choose what I want to wear! Honestly, I don’t want to be going over to aunt sherry’s house right now. She always has to pinch my cheeks and then kisses me all over for what seems like forever. I guess it’s fine for just this once since I’ll be getting DOUBLE CHOCOLATE CHIP CAKE WITH CHOCOLATE FROSTING! I can’t wait to play with Harry and play tag or hide and seek! Maybe he will even let me open some of his gifts. I love opening gifts. I can’t wait for my birthday in 48 days! I’m going to have the coolest birthday party with all my friends from pre-kindergarten and hopefully, Katelyn comes…. She is the prettiest girl on the playground!…I think… OH, and my party will be dinosaur themed yeah! I really hope I get that Fred the Dinosaur toy so I’ll be the first boy in class with it! UGH, this shirt is so itchy! I can’t stand it! I better be getting the bigger slice of cake for this. I’m so hungry I could die right now. I HOPE THERE IS PIZZA! OR EVEN BETTER PIZZA IN THE SHAPE OF A DINOSAUR! WOW, THAT WOULD BE AMAZING!! Dang, we have been walking forever. I don’t remember the walk being this long to aunt sherry’s house…. Maybe I can use my cuteness to get dad to pick me up and carry me the rest of the way… who am I kidding myself, I look ridiculous in this suit! Maybe I will “accidentally” spill my juice down myself… I HOPE THE POWER RANGERS ARE ON WHEN WE GET THERE! The red one is the best! I don’t care what Harry says and thinks the blue one is better. The red power ranger could beat the blue one any day for sure!


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