Design Philosophy Statement

I find esteem to what quantifies as art. Throughout my education, there has been a growth in understanding what can be art, in the concept of “You don’t have to like art to appreciate it”. In my own practice, acute intensity and understanding of a subject are crucial, objectifying your world and translating it into a way incapable of anyone else. Where I have slowly come to appreciate my style, aesthetics and designing an encapsulation of art seems to come to play within the Philosophy of Design, from the curation of one’s space to the presentation of one’s self; one is embodying the art they create. Whereas I am an Illustrator and Graphic Designer, I aim to translate the world and communicate deeper thoughts that cannot be translated. I see expression of realization, captivation, and movement as my goal, typically through stagnant images. I aim to have work that captures the viewer’s attention and jogs the mind with a milieu of a reminiscent moment or a deeper emotion. I contrast art as a commodity which exists within the design world with art for art’s sake, seeing as in this present day it is impossible to exist without both concepts. I aim to begin to push myself out of my comfort zone, express in new ways and to make bad art, dress poorly and exist in new spaces that make me feel uneasy. I am in a point of my life where my philosophy sort of speak is to create new ones, due to my nature of habit and perfection.

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