The assignment is taking a household object and creating an orthographic projection of it. Moreover, the objectives of this assignment were to “learn to describe or provide detailed specifications for a 3D object as well as to learn how to use multiple views of a 3D object.”

For this assignment, I chose to create an orthographic projection of a perfume bottle.

Orthographic Projection Drawing:


After I did this assignment,  I think orthographic projection helped me to understand the structure of an objects and how the process became 3D objects. The measurement of each side should be exactly accurate and the measurement information should be written on the right place. I think having the skill of drawing Orthographic Projection makes me a more professional and sophisticated 3D designer. I find my perfume as the object to do. It is very clear to see the shape of bottle. The front, side and back of the object are the same, so I can follow the guide line to draw the accurate shapes easily.


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