Bridge 4: Presentation

Project description:

Researching the topic of “Truth” you will create either a monument or public art piece based off of your Seminar research findings. You can use any material to create prototype/first integration can be a small scale example or one element from the overall idea. Your monument or public art piece can take any form including but not limited to: sculpture, performance, video, zine, or mural.


Johnny Chen

Product design

I like taking photo, making videos and traveling. I love to enjoy the life.



The Form & Function of Lighting

Lighting is the foundation to our vision, the most powerful of our senses.  Light is visible radiant energy, revealing our world in all its shapes and colors to us.  Electric light came into existence around 1880 with the development of the carbon filament light bulb.  Advances in lighting technology in the early twentieth century led to the development of luminaires, or light fixtures.  Light fixtures provide a path for electricity to power a light bulb and our fixtures allow for visual activity day or night, enhance our décor, create a mood, and even provide safety in otherwise hard-to-see environments.  While initially light fixtures were utilitarian, over the past 125 years they have evolved into the cornerstones of all built environments. Light fixtures not only allow us to see, but they also provide character, charm, and ambiance in our spaces.

From bulbs to neon and fluorescent tubing to LEDs and other electronic creations, artists are using light—as material and subject—to comment on everything from advertising to spirituality.

Public light installation art is an art form in which either a sculpture produces light, or light is used to create a “sculpture” through the manipulation of light, colors, and shadows. These sculptures can be temporary or permanent, and can exist in two distinctive spaces: indoor galleries, such as museum exhibits, or outdoors at events like festivals. Light art can be an interaction of light within an architectural space. Light artists are those that devote all their creative experimentation to light art, some artists experiment with light and neon signage and use light in their practice.


Waves of Light


Seminar Research:

I research for abstract art, positive and negative energy in our daily life. I wrote a poem about what I search.



Suspension, sleep and art;

tairs, table and salmon;

water, plants and fresh air;

faint, purple, words and logical;

meaningful, direction and description,

finding and encourage.


multi-culture; multi-culture,

see through, translate into and clarified.

In front of photograph and art work, all of them.

Inspirit, attract and lead to prove the future.

Every words come into mind; every image fresh the mind.

Designer, student, professor are creating.

culture exists, art exists.


In 1896, a star came out.

It influenced a lot about Art and Design;

it became more and more successful.

I had a chance to be a member of the star.

2017-9-23, I came to New York City.

I started my trip.


For life, for art, for design and for culture.

Think nothing can ever be greater, nothing can ever deserves

more than it deserves.

It worth to wait the answer and discover.


I write like the sunshine; I write like the pop music.

I write like the answer; I write like the river.

I write like the childhood; I write like air plane.


How can I find the meaning of life?

What’s the role between art and design?

How is the multi-culture in public?

How does truth significant in design and art?

How would things be different if you see the things different from you heard?

What if people were try to wear masks every moment?


I am studying on the real data and things that we know them because I want to find out what is the necessary of truth in our life. In order to help my reader understand truth and lie we find them everywhere.

I am trying believe art make the truth have vague impression because I want to find out what is the deep meaning of the painting and the real idea behind it. In order to help my reader understand the meaning of the painting.

I am studying the cause of sentimental because I want to find out what is the sentimental influenced the fact. In order to help my rider understand the reason of telling truth with different ways.


And I also find and discover my deep research question: How to interpret abstract art. Then I wrote my claim.

 Hilma af Klint

Different views of abstract art

As an art student, I always go to different museums and galleries to look at other artists’ artwork. Even I know the skills and materials that the artist use, I still hard to find the deep meaning of the work. Sometimes, I misinterpret the idea. So what is truth for abstract art? How to interpret abstract art? I always think about these question. It depends on different people have their different life experience and thinking of art. Even misunderstanding or guess is also a good process of interpret abstract art. There is no wrong and right answer, but we should respect and try to know the truth and real motivation of the art.

People often misunderstand abstract art because they are looking for something real and concrete with which they can identify. It is natural to try to name and make sense of what we experience and perceive in the world, so abstract art, with its unrecognizable subject matter and unpredictable shapes, colors, and lines can prove challenging. That is why people like to find the deep motivation of the artwork. The example is the famous painting The Starry Night by the Dutch post-impressionist painter Vincent van Gogh. The view has been identified as the one from his bedroom window, Van Gogh depicted the view at different times of day and under various weather conditions, including sunrise, moonrise, sunshine-filled days, overcast days, windy days, and one day with rain. The Starry Night is the only nocturne in the series of views from his bedroom window. In early June, Vincent wrote to Theo, “This morning I saw the countryside from my window a long time before sunrise with nothing but the morning star, which looked very big”  people have determined that Venus was indeed visible at dawn in Provence in the spring of 1889, Vincent van Gogh: The Letters. Van Gogh Museum. and was at that time nearly as bright as possible. So the brightest “star” in the painting, just to the viewer’s right of the cypress tree, is actually Venus. So just one painting, different viewer have their own idea. But I think it just a painting about Van Gogh saw, it didn’t deep represent of any stars or the tree.

However, I think there is no right or wrong answer to this question. Abstract art is open to interpretation, and that is one of the beautiful things about it. Abstract art doesn’t jump out and declare the only idea of the artwork. Instead, abstract art requires us to have an open, inquiring mind; we enter the painting and see where it takes . Abstract art gives us the space to explore the artwork and assign your own meaning to the piece. This intensely personal process enriches a viewer’s experience of an artwork. Everyone have their own ideas and interpretation. there is also no vague impression or reality answer to this question. The truth is, abstract art is not about nothing. At its basis, it is about form, color, line, texture, pattern, composition and process. These are the formal qualities of artwork, because they describe what the art looks like and how it is created. “Abstract art is an exploration of these formal qualities. Meaning is derived from how these formal qualities are used to create a visual experience.” 2 What people don’t realize is that the best abstract artists have excellent drawing skills, a deep understanding of the workings of color. Most abstract artists have the ability to draw a perfectly rendered rose or a realistic portrait, but they choose not to. Instead they choose to express their creativity by creating a visual experience that is more free and unencumbered by the weight of objects.

To interpret abstract art is try to make connection with artist. On the one hand, a large part of the beauty of art is ourself, we can bring our own meaning and assign our own context to an artwork based upon our memories, personalities and life experiences. We don’t need to know exactly what the artwork is supposed to be about in order to feel a deep appreciation for it. On the other hand, try to know the artist’s thought process for creating a certain work of art adds a further layer of meaning and value to each of our individual interpretations of a piece.

All art is created within a certain context. Artists, like their art, are shaped by the era in which they are working. They are influenced by what is happening in society, politics, and their life experiences or their emotion intermingled their own daily lives. Each of the artwork have the deep meaning behind them, even we didn’t know and hard to get the point, we can try to learn how to interpret abstract artwork and respect their work. It will be a good experience for our life and give us more inspiration for solve problems.


NANNICELLI, TED. “Ethical Criticism and the Interpretation of Art.” Journal of Aesthetics & Art Criticism 75 (4). 2017.

Vincent van Gogh: The Letters. Van Gogh Museum.



4 Examples of Artists

Bruce Munro

Felix Raspall

Massimo Uberti

Ai Wei Wei

3 examples of public art works


Studio project:

“The Moment of Explosion” The beautiful explosion view to show our positive and negative energy. And the small candle represent our heart. If we still get positive energy, the darkness side will not go through your mind. It based on my research question because it is have deep meaning about “Truth” and it also a public art. I used candle, wire, wood, black fabric.

Mood board: 

Artist Statement:

Johnny Chen.Product Design.

“The Moment of Explosion” it can relate to many informations and ideas.The beautiful explosion view to show our positive and negative energy. It come from the theme “Truth” and I also create it like a space and looks like an abstract art. About the materials, I use candle, wire, wood, black fabric. The candle as a light on the “positive” part, the black fabric as the “negative” part. The wood and black foam board use for the platform. The wire use to create the whole body shape.

First I heard this project, I already know what I am going to create. Then I try to draw the sketch that can close to my concept. “The Moment of Explosion” is my artwork’s name. In my opinion, that moment can relate to many informations and ideas. The beautiful explosion view to show our positive and negative energy. It come from the theme “Truth” and I also create it like a space and looks like an abstract art. I got inspiration from Felix Raspall’s design. He used light to create a space as a sculpture. The candle represent our heart. If the candle fired up, it means we still get positive energy, the darkness side will not go through your mind and your heart. However, if the candle dying out, the dark will cover all the body. The whole body shape will be a mountain, it means even our life have some problem and conflict that we need to face and change, but the positive anergy help us overcome them and encourage us stay away from negative things. On the other side, it also represent the multi-culture, different culture appear in a space. Even though they have conflicts, they still bring the useful part to mix together and the same time they still keep their own light spot. But if the candle dying out, it mean one culture disappeared. It lost all the things. About the materials, I might use candle, wire, wood, black fabric and black foam board. The candle as a light on the “positive” part, the black fabric as the “negative” part. The wood and black foam board will use for the platform. The wire will use to create the whole body shape.

Idea and Concept:

I create a mind map based on my research in seminar.


I had 4 different concepts, the first is the mirror with frame and I will printed in black and white color. The second one is 4 direction portraits and a Led light in the middle. The third one is lots of magnifying glasses. The last one is my favorite idea. Using wire to create many lines and shape to show the abstract art and the candle in the center.


Wood + Wire + black fabric + Tea light

Working Process:

I cut wood and make some of them as a “Wall,” the base part is the platform.

I use hot glue to connect different shape of wire.

Trying to change different shape.

Still working on connect the wire with wood.

I use hot glue gun to connect the black fabric with wire.

Half work of my design.

Final product:

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