Economist at The New School


Julia M. Puaschunder is an economist with focus on behavioral insights, public policy and law. She holds a PhD in Economics from the Inter-University Consortium of New York (coursework completed at The New School, Columbia University, Princeton University and Yale University), qualifiying examinations in macroeconomics and environmental economics both passed with honors, and a Dissertation on ‘Environmental Justice.’  

At The New School, Julia Puaschunder conducts macroeconomic research and enjoys teaching and mentoring hundreds of students.  Her innovative science laboratories of the New support students in creative research endeavors and finding their innate power to make the world a fairer and more cooperative home.

Her Science Diplomacy Leadership advocacy under the auspices of the Friends of the International Institute for Advanced Systems Analysis (IIASA) in cooperation with the United States National Academy of Sciences develops the concept of Heterodox Research Ethics in building intergovernmental policy bridges through mutual research interests and constructive aid on common endeavors.

Julia M. Puaschunder’s research on environmental justice has been recognized by a Nobel Peace Prize nomination.

Julia Puaschunder Columbia Faculty Lounge

Julia Puaschunder Columbia University Faculty Lounge