Julia M. Puaschunder holds Masters in Psychology (MPhil, University of Vienna, 2003, Joint Study & Erasmus Scholarships), Business (MBA, Vienna University of Economics and Business, 2007, Joint Study & Erasmus Scholarships), Public Administration (MPA, Maxwell School, 2008, Fulbright Scholar), Economics (MPhil, The New School, 2020, Prize Fellowship), Doctorates in Social and Economic Sciences (Vienna University of Economics and Business, 2006, merit-based ad personam position, Dean’s list), Natural Sciences (University of Vienna, 2010, summa cum laude) and a PhD in Economics from the Inter-University Consortium (Thesis defended 2021, fully-granted Economics coursework at Columbia University, Princeton University and The New School, Prize Fellowship in the Inter-University Consortium of New York, Qualifying Exams in the fields of Macroeconomics and Environmental Economics both passed with honors).

Julia M. Puaschunder currently specializes on Law & Economics (since 2009 at the University of Vienna, from 2023 in a European Programme on Law & Economics).  Julia Puaschunder’s work was honorably mentioned in a Nobel Peace Prize nomination for the field of Law & Economics.