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Studio 1: Visualize Your Senses

14248142_10205434654104993_1681452200_oSense Memory - Hair

The sense that is depicted in this piece is touch and sight.
A memory from my childhood was when I got a hair-tie stuck in my hair. The more my mother tried to get it out the more tangled it got. As an end result, it was decided that my hair should be cut in order to get the hair tie out.
My mother placed me in the white tub in my old bathroom. As soon as she cut the bit of my hair, she turned on the water hose so that my hair could be cleansed from the remaining hair pieces. The left over bits from the cut slid from my body with the water down to the tub -I was disgusted at the sight.
This piece was created with threaded copper wire (stuck on background with transparent tape), painted with black acrylic on white 18×24 paper.

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