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Studio 1: Bridge #2 – Peer to Peer

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This project depicts my partner, Sara’s, memories with her mom when she started her teen years. She talked about how strict her mom had become and how spaceless she felt inside and outside the house while growing up. I initially had the idea of using an old propaganda image to emphasize the strictness around the house. This is mostly because, I personally, got in a lot of fights with my mom the last 3 years mostly about disagreements of Turkish and international culture. I felt as if she was in charge and it didn’t even matter what my Dad would think.

The original WWI image had the purpose of inviting common men to join the army in World War I. The image showed a macho looking man pointing at the audience, giving a more personalized message where if a man didn’t join the army, he wouldn’t be considered a man. Thus, by changing this image into a woman I wanted the audience to have a general idea and the same guilt trip that if they didn’t follow the poster, they wouldn’t be considered “good daughters”.

Initially I was going to leave this poster after photoshopping the man into a woman, however I wanted Sara to have a reminder of her mom and her household actions, thus I added the cherry blossoms on the background to remind her of her mother’s scent to give the impression of her presence. I also smudge the entire image in order to make it seem more like a dream state to add less strictness to it, but more hypnotism.


Bridge#2: Peer to Peer

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