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Studio 2: Bridge #1 – Diagram of Room with 5 Systems

This diagram connects the interior and exterior moments of my room. The left side of the page shows my life outside my room, whereas the right side of my room show the same activities done indoors, alone.

I used Post-It papers in order to map out some of the systems that I have been noticing around my room: sleep cycles, weather changes  (space lighting), Wi-Fi, food habits and work times. The map shows that even though these activities are quite so different once the location is changed, they are all still connected to me in a system that is my life.

I color coded the Post-It papers accordingly to these systems and also connected the like colors of the papers with “tubes”. As the paper is ripped right from the middle, separating the interior and exterior moments of my life, these “tubes” are still connected to the systems as they are a part of the way I live.

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