Artist Statement

Artist statement 

My name is Katharina Fischer and I am a senior currently majoring in interior design at Parsons. I am from Geneva Switzerland, and I began creating art as a fine artists, specifically producing paintings and sculptural work. As I developed my work, I began finding myself gradually leaning towards creations that people could make use of in some form. This led me to take an interest in the effect objects and surroundings have on an individuals and/or communities, which stimulated my interest for interior design as a result. 

My interior design work aims at provoking interaction between people in unexpected ways. I mainly incorporate unornamented and minimalist materials in order to create a space for which it’s users can appropriate as they please. The idea behind this appropriation is to encourage a sense of control throughout its users, which intends to create a safe and comfortable environment for anyone. I believe it is important to create spaces for security because of the constant chaos happening around us on a daily basis. People are often overly concerned with ornamentation, style, originality, to the point they disregard the true intention of designing a space.

In order for me to begin designing, it is essential to research the task being discussed, and then sketch freehand. On a personal basis, this is the most effective way to obtain a first draft of ideas, without limitations. Moving forward with the design, it is then crucial to use auto cad in order to solidify my first draft of ideas into a concrete basis. Additionally, in my career as a designer I aim to target specific individuals as opposed groups or communities. This is due to the fact I want to create an interior that adapts to the individual specifically, and allows for a more intimate and meaningful result.  


  1. Wellness center aimed at encouraging safety and intimacy for social anxiety.

2. Seating area + shelving unit in wellness centre.

3. Reception area for craft centre – minimalistic.

4. Hallway showing private work spaces.

5. Meeting space for employees.

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