Intro to Fashion Studies – Dress Practice Log



Today I did not wear very sophisticated. The overall look gives a very casual feeling. I chose an oversized hoodie, and the jacket is also oversize-style aviator jacket, the pants are thick heavy fabric pants, trousers very narrow, giving a very neat feeling. I wore a pair of stealth boat socks the same day, with a very classic Adidas white shoes. Today, I did not pay much attention when choosing to wear because today is the Presidential Day and there is no need for class. However, I am going to send a friend to the train station, so I did not choose a delicate dress. This look has a very strong street style, the upper body is all oversize structural style, which makes my body a very casual and relaxed silhouette. The loose design also allows me to wear very comfortably and free. Wearing this street-style clothing in Manhattan is entirely fashion I think. In short, I usually choose this type of oversize clothes if I have a short time to go out the door. They are comfortable and nice to wear, and will not lose the sense of fashion in Manhattan’s streets.


Today, I choose the dress with a Sandro hole top shirt, and I wear a white t-shirt for the backing so that you can see the white from the hole. At the same time, I also chose a pair of black overalls; the jacket is a very complicated structure coat. I was also wearing black stockings and shoes with a strong design sense. This set of look is very layered, although the overall is black, visually does not feel monotonous. At the same time, I also chose a black whole color setting, and the jacket is a very complex structure of the windbreaker, this look is very layered, although the overall black, but visually does not give a monotonous feeling. Instead, people can think that the amount of money I have today is well thought out. This look is one of the settings which I always wear, he was out with me a long time ago, so I did not overthink about choosing clothes on Tuesday, and it saved me a lot of time because for me, consider how to wear clothing is very time-consuming.



Today’s weather is perfect, the temperature is warm, not cold at all, so I just wore a pink top shirt without a jacket. In inside, I wear a white T-shirt, so body sweat will not be touched top shirt. Today I am wearing the same pants as Monday, a black sports trouser, it is very thick fabric, trousers narrow, giving a very neat feeling. To match with the pink top shirt, I also bring the same color hat, hat and clothing echo each other, to make people feel that this set of look is after thinking. Today I have a photography class, I need to take pictures outdoors, so I chose this look. It is sports style, pants and clothes can give me a significant movement. And today’s weather is very good, pink is also very echoed today’s climate, at the same time reflect my good mood. Also, this look will not make people feel a sense of distance to me. Because I will go to Union Square for photography, where there are many children, pink clothes can give children a sense of amiable, so that they will not be afraid of my camera, I will get more opportunities to capture good photos.



Today’s temperature is colder than yesterday. I did not carefully check the weather forecast, resulting in I took thin clothing for today. I initially thought that today’s weather is as warm as Wednesday, so I chose a relatively simple look, a little close to the minimalist style. My upper body is wearing a thin black jersey long-sleeved shirt, and the clothesline is very simple, is a typical minimalist design. My choice of pants is also a simple line of formal pants and did not wear a belt, and I wear leather shoes for matching the body look. The coat I wear is also a long-sleeved coat of huge size that gives a sluggish feel to the body. This mix look is fascinating, the upper body is casual and lazy style, but the lower body is a meticulous formal dress style. I really want to know what it looks like when these two extremely style garments mix and match together, and facts have proved that they created a very distinctive formal style, the whole look very affinity, but without losing the sense of power. I think this collocation is perfectly suitable for daily work and does not seem unofficial, but can create a relaxed and pleasant working condition.



Today’s weather is cold, I would like to wear warm clothes, but I have a very important date in the afternoon, so I still choose the formal style looking. This looking makes me look very graceful. Inside, I wore a pure black shirt. To keep warm, I wore a cashmere sweater outside my shirt. The cashmere sweater is very warm also skinny, so it did not affect my body silhouette. To appear formal, I did not wear down jacket, but wearing a short woollen jacket, this jacket is very thick, warm, but also help my body create a very tall and straight outline. Pants I chose a grey-black wool dress pants, trousers leg just matching my ankle position, it gives my lower body to create a simple, neat feeling, with black stockings and leather shoes, the whole look’s style is very formal but not rigid. I really like the exquisite and formal dressing style, but at the same time, I think the standard business suits is too rigid and does not have too much style, so after considering I created this formal look. Because I am not working on Wall Street, so I do not need to wear suits, this look makes me look very refined and tasteful.


Today the weather is still cold, and there is no need to attend classes on Saturdays. Therefore, I did not consider too many factors in wearing and matching, and I still first consider the comfort of clothes but without losing the sense of fashion at the same time. In this look, there is a white T-shirt inside, on that, I wore a space cotton top shirt, space cotton can create a powerful silhouette. The jacket is a short aviator jacket, embroidered white roses on the sleeve give this jacket full of fashion sense, orange lining also created a perfect sense of hierarchy. The lower body pants are still the black sports trousers, I always wear this sports trouser, because it makes from very thick and loose fabric so that this pants can give me a significant movement. I was not willing to spend a lot of time on my hairstyle on Saturdays, so I took a fisherman hat, which also helped me improve my fashion sense. Although the overall color of the look is not uniform, but it is very harmonious, also does not make people feel color disorder. My plan on Saturday is to go shopping, so comfort is essential, which is why I am not wearing tight-fitting clothes today. It took me less than five minutes to match this body look, which was a very casual fit for me.


Today’s temperature is freezing, I had no arrangements, but suddenly want to go to the cinema next to my apartment. I did not overthink about what to wear and took the jacket and the pants directly from the closet. They are all black, so wearing the body is also very unified, even if the style does not match but still not easy to find out. The outwear is a huge jacket, its hem almost reaches my ankle, and its fabric also very thick. When I wore it, I just look like put a quilt on my body. The interior of the jacket has a lot of room for movement, and the wind is completely blocked out so it will not be cold at all. I always wear this jacket when the weather is cold and I have to go out for a short time. It’s convenient, and I don’t need to wear thick inside and don’t need to think about how it’s going to match style neither because this coat completely covers my body. For me, this look has no style at all; it is just a beneficial combination, I did not have any consideration, I choose these garments just for keeping me warm. I went home immediately after the movie. The whole process was only me. I did not meet friends or stayed out for a long time. So I was just casually wearing this very practical, but no style look.


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