int stu ii: artist research

At our visit to the MOMA, I was most captured by the works of Cy Twombly.

  1. Full name: Edwin Parker Twombly Jr. / born in VA on April 25, 1928/ painter
  2. Most drawn to piece Autumn; the inaugural piece to the “Four Seasons” series on display in The MOMA. Sometimes it’s hard for me to feel as drawn to abstract art as compared to figurative and representational art, yet I feel this piece uses paint in a way that I’m attracted to. I also enjoy his choice of using writing as a way to engage with the forms he’s created with the paint.
  3. Most known works: “Fifty Days at Iliam. The Fire that Consumes All before It” / “Coronation of Sesostris”
  4. Twombly existed during the time of abstract expressionism, and many of his works can be regarded as such, yet chose to separate himself. He was also considered a minimalist.
  5. Friends: Robert Rauschenburg, Andy Warhol / Influences: Willem de Kooning, Franz Kline
  6. WWII

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