Bridge 5 (Reflection + Presentation / Course Reflection)

Bridge 5 (Reflection + Presentation / Course Reflection)


Hey! I am Lyn Wang and I’m 20 years old from Shanghai, China. My current major is Fashion Design. Since I was little, I have always been interested in clothing and fashion. I appreciate fashion designs from designers all over the world, not just from European designers. This is why I chose to study at Parsons in the New York City. New York is not only a center for fashion but also a really diverse place where designers from different culture and background can really cooperate and be creative with one another. I hope I can learn a lot by going to Parsons!


Space and Materiality

My first semester was really special and fruitful. I took a class called Space and Materiality. This class makes me really think about how to best utilize the different resources that are available around me. At the same time, it really made me think about the arrangement and spacing in my projects.


Studio I


My firattractionsclass was different from any class I have taken. The entire class was all about discovering myself. My first project was to find similar characteristics for me and my partner. We decided to do a college that transfers the similar aspects of our life and belief into symbolism.


My second project was about making five different postcards to represent the five senses we have. Again, it is about discovering myself from the different senses and express them both physically and psychologically through a collage of different cutouts from old magazines.

Studio II


This is a more advanced class than Studio I. I am really excited because I finally get to make cloth for myself! I could not have done well in Studio II without what I learned in Studio I because Studio II also focuses on the expression of identity in clothing. This is a huge step forward for me because now I have to use what I learned in Studio I and express them through material and design in the clothing that I make.

I chose two different colors of fabric, black and red. These two colors are opposite colors in Chinese culture. I chose these two colors to reflect that I am influenced by both western and eastern cultures. I made the pant quite revealing because I want to express that woman should be allowed to freely express themselves. In my culture, girls are always told to cover most parts of their body from a very early age. However, I think girls should be allowed to express themselves freely.  My top piece has fur on it because I want to express my deep appreciation for nature. I chose synthetic fur because I want the world to know that I love animal and we should boycott the use of natural fur. However, by using fur, I am symbolizing human’s closest relationship with mother nature.


Final Project

My final project was to discover the material, social and spatial forces that influence my perception of a landmark. I picked up one of the most iconic bridges in NYC – Brooklyn Bridge.

Brooklyn Bridge constructed back in 1883. It was one of the longest bridge of that time and it was constructed with the most advanced technology and material of that time. It marks as the pinnacle of American pride and the American dream. Spanning across.


Today, it still remains as one of the most iconic attraction of New York City. For me, it represents more than just a tourist attraction. Lovers would often walk the bridge together, locking a lock on the bridge. This is like locking themselves together, making their love last forever, just like how the bridge has remained there for more than 100 years. It is like a promise that will last forever.

Using my five senses and my research, I was able to make a video of Brooklyn Bridge from my own perspective. The video shows what Brooklyn Bridge means to generations before me as well as what is important to me as well as my generation.



My first year at Parsons was really special not because of the results that I have achieved but because of the process of working with others. I really learned a lot by working with other group members. I learned not only to appreciate ideas from other people but also how to really be a part of the team to achieve something bigger than myself.


Also, I learned that by cutting a project to little pieces and doing it one step at a time rather than doing the entire project the last minute, I was able to be more creative and thoughtful. Art is different from other subjects that I studied in the past. It is not about finding the right answer. Rather, there is no right answer. It is about finding more and more about yourself and your surroundings. I think that is where inspiration and creativity come from.


In a couple of days, I am about to complete my first year at Parsons and head back to China to enjoy the last glimpse of summer break. I’m really proud of what I have accomplished this year at Parsons. I thank all the professors and classmates for all the encouragement and support they have given me. My first year at Parsons was truly amazing. I know for sure that next year will be even more inspirational since I already have some pretty cool ideas in mind that I want to pursue when I get back. So, stay tuned to my portfolio! I want you all to be on this journey with me!

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