Drawing Contour Lines with 3D Materials – Assignment #3

Today I started to use different materiel such as wire and rope as a outline of my drawing on the cardboard. At first I redesign my face by just using simple lines. When I drew them all into the cardboard I tried to figure out what kind of glue I can use to keep the rope and cardboard line stay in cardboard.


Finally, I chosen double-sided tape as a base and have the thinner cardboard tape on top of the cardboard. But unfortunately this tape did not work well so I think I am going to get the white glue for the cardboard. And for the wire I did not look into the mirror, I use my self-portrait drawing as a reference. Since wire is hard, not easy to deform.

At the end I would like to say this process of making a 3D self-portrait was time costing but it totally worth it. It was great to see a group of materials that is not related to art at all at the end they combined together and become an art work.

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