ASSIGNMENT #8- 3TED Talks- reflection

All these three videos talked about how people continue to pursue the belief or interests of themselves, and how they explore the value in themselves.

In How can technology transform the human body, the artist talks about how she keep improving and pursuing the interest she likes. She keeps developing the domain of body architecture and the idea of blurring the perimeter of body. She added technology to her project too. She kept her faith in her mind, always, and indulge in herself. She didn’t want other’s appreciation towards her work, but keep developing her own interests.

The Other two videos both talks about the art based on disability on human beings. I listen to Color talks about the artist himself cannot see the color of everything. However, he is other-abled person an can feel the color by sounds. He used this ability to create arts, to pursue the world that only he can have the access to. As a person who is blind to colors, he can actually make painting. He actually brings impossible to possible. For the making art, the artist utilize the physical disabled part to make art on it. She embraced the disability and not afraid of being herself.

These three videos all gives me the idea of pursuing art. No matter how other people think about your work, you just do want to want to, what you believe that is the right thing, what you are really interested in. Never feel shameful about your disability or some problems, jut embrace that. These may be your inspiration to other perspective of art. Everything is possible with a hopeful and positive heart. Pursue the idea in your mind and break the obstacles.

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