ASSIGNMENT #9 – Foam board (Planar) 3D Structure Parts 1 &2

Stage 1 Quick Research

Alexander Calder used the reputation of similar shapes of plains to create the serial planes. The multiple layers of the sculpture enhances the meaning of the work in different perspectives. Also the diversity of colors, most of them are bright colors, makes the art more interesting.

Stage 2:10

 3D paper sketch models 

Stages 3:

At first I was inspired by my earrings container, so I drew a lot on the foam sheet a half and then cut them down with a knife, I find that very hard so that my semicircle around the cut is not smooth, and then I cut the two rectangular pieced together in the middle is a square sticks as support, make a small cut in the middle of the semicircle rectangle cross that fixed them together, finally I made a cube at the top, there are two sides are empty look like a tree house looks very chic.


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