Assignment#14 Designs Talks

  1. Leyla Acaroglu raised awareness of whether paper bags are better than plastic bags. She questioned whether those so-called environmentally-friendly bags are really friendly to the eco-system, to the earth. She pointed out that design is the better way for the environment that renewing is actually better than recycling. There are lots of materials in the unwanted products are actually very valuable and could be used in a better way after renewing. After watching material, I learned that we should consider whether the material is environmentally-friendly based on its effect towards muti perspectives. That is, comparing the amount that is needed to achieve the same level of effect, and also we can reuse the material to help matin sustainability.
  2. The second video talked about Ergonomics. Ergonomics is the concept of people actually achieve higher level of productivity when they are working using better and easier machines. By achieving better levels of productivity, we should focus more on the design of physical fitness. For example, the comfort of using the machines or tools. I learned design designs need to consider a lot to fit the biomechanics of people. I need to take people’s comfort into account and focus on very trivial parts of the design, such as the height of the table. Sometimes, we need to improve and add some extra components to maximize the utility of the products and achieve the maximum productivity.
  3. For the third talk, it talks about an idea of how to improve people’s life and create a better America. They first did some research about the living quality of the people in America and than wanted to make an “Mobile Health app”. By using the app, people can share extra tools in the community and save the resources in the community etc. The designers also included citizens in the community, they are willing to adapt the advice from the local people and improve their community. The talk later presented two of the designs and presented how designers are trying to build a more equitable and sustainable community. I learned the process and the main goal of design. We should research the need of the people and help improve the society for the people.

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