Project#3 Modular public seating

Phrase one:

  1. The American movers. According to the research, about 35.5 million Americans relocate their houses each year by different methods. The amount of the movers is also increasing years by years.  (
  2. We choose the group of American movers. Our group wanted to design furniture for those people who always move around. The furniture will be designed to be easily packed up and is good for people that move house frequently.
  3. Most of the people move their house unassistedly, which means they don’t have enough space on their cars to contain all their huge furniture. Only less than one third of the people have the professional movers helping them.
  4. “In 2017, only 11% of the US population moved. This is the lowest moving rate since the Census Bureau began tracking it in 1948—a year which saw more than 20% of the population relocate.

Moving to a new home doesn’t always mean moving very far, though. Most movers never even leave their own county, let alone their own state.

  • 62% of movers in 2017 remained in the same county after their move.
  • 34% of movers relocated to a different county (including same-state and different-state moves).
  • 4% of the moving population came from abroad.”

5. The public space is limited so we need to maximize the usage of the space.

We also wanted to choose some material that cause minimal waste and can be moved around a  lot. They should be made from very light materials.


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